Return Policy

ZPC strives for excellence. We have truly raised the bar in the casting/3D printing industry. Our Return Policy holds this standard true:

  1. Full credit will be given for any Proto/Cast for:
    - A piece that has surface porosity. (ZPC cannot anticipate polished surface areas)
    - An issue with order placement or timing (Reasonable production times apply)
  2. Base metal credit will be given for:
    - Any other reason (including poor quality with the wax given)
  3. ZPC does not credit prototypes or molds
  4. All credits will be applied to customer accounts and will be deducted off future orders
  5. We do not accept returns with solder contamination
  6. We only credit the metal weight returned
  7. We reserve the right to refuse returns with Palladium alloys
  8. ALL jobs (items) with issues must be returned to ZPC within 10 business days to be eligible to receive a credit (no exceptions)

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