This message is to provide you an update that ZPC has put a pause on offering “Eco-Friendly/Green” gold for now until changed otherwise. Our decision was made due to supply chain issues we are still experiencing which all started from Covid 19 and its effect on the supply and demand. We have always and will continue to use only reputable and responsible metal suppliers but do prefer to switch back to our original materials if it means our customers will not experience any delays in their orders. We are finishing up our current stock and beginning on Monday the 22nd 2021, we will be switching back to our regular material. We have reached out to other suppliers, but they either can only deliver very small quantities (enough to last us one day) or do not meet our Eco-Friendly requirements. Unfortunately, we've learned that many companies will loosely use the words "Recycled" and therefore we cannot confidently offer it as Eco-Friendly.  

We do apologize for this inconvenience and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.